Tagging Meshes
Tagging meshes so they can be changed when product variants are generated
When you tag a mesh with a name, you make it available to have its material or visibility changed by Variant.
For example, if you had a chair with a footstool tagged V[STOOL], when requesting the 3D file you can set the STOOL mesh's material to LEATHER or even make the stool invisible.
An example of changing the visibility and material of tagged meshes in the Variant CMS
You can tag many meshes with the same tag. This is useful in cases where one setting (e.g. ‘body colour’) should affect many different sub-meshes.
Tagged meshes can only have one referenced material. If the mesh is multi-material, divide it into meshes with one material each, then tag those meshes individually.
Tags can only contain numbers, letters and the underscore ‘_’ character.
Take care to tag the mesh name itself, and not it’s parent object/node/transform.
In some editors, meshes and objects are separate (screenshot from Blender)
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